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No comando: Radiolabilly Show com DJ Giuliano Juks Jive

Das 20:00 as 21:00

No comando: Rock a Bop with DJ Cris Ribeiro

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No comando: Tom Ingram Show

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No comando: The FullMoonShow Rockabilly with DJ Gerd

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No comando: Rhythm Express Radio Show With DJ Rambling Hoss

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No comando: Shotgun Boogie Show With DJ Mario Venton

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No comando: The Room with DJ Mouse Zinn

Das 17:00 as 18:00

No comando: The El Rocko Show With DJ Otto Fuchs

Das 18:00 as 19:00

No comando: Bombs Away R&R Show com DJ Wayne Radley

Das 18:00 as 20:00

No comando: FAST AND LOUD Radio Show With Konstantinos and Arthur

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No comando: Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour com Jammin’James Riley

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No comando: Red Hot Rhythm’ & Blues With DJ Alex Valenzi

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No comando: Let’s Play Elvis With DJ Del Wendel

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Rhythm Express Radio Show With DJ Rambling Hoss

Dias do programa: qua, sex, Horário: 16:00 as 17:00


Rhythm Express Radio Show com DJ Rambling Hoss


DJ Ramblin’ Hoss (Germany) – Rhythm Express Radio Show Born and raised on his parents farm in the hills of the countryside of Germany he was introduced and infected to the Rockabilly-Virus by a friend at the age of 15. He is still rockin´ around and is spinning the wax since 1998 on several rockin´ events in the area of his hometown. As there are the well known legendary “Wildcat Night” in Frankfurt, Main, Germany, and many many more. In the last years he has organized several record hops and concerts, where he also did his job as a DJ. You can meet him on several rockin´ events in Germany and Europe. His favourite music styles are nearly all rockin´ styles of the 50´s, as there are Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Rhythm and Blues, Western Swing, Rock n Roll, Boppin’ Blues, and also some Swing tunes and so on.

Of cause authentic music played by today´s artists of that styles, too.

Since the year 2015 Rambling Hoss is a Radio Entertainer and Disc Jockey with his own weekly radio show, wich is broadcasted by several internet radio stations.

If you like to contact him, you will find him at facebook under his name Rambling Hoss.

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